How We Source Celebrity Semen for our Tasting Notes

Whenever possible, our celebrity semen is ethically sourced with fair trade methods. When the option is available, we always opt for organically (and orgasmically!) produced semen from free-range, vegetarian-fed celebrities.

When ethically sourced semen is not available, well, dear reader, you don't want to know what we do to get it... but rest assured that the quality is well worth the effort. After all, sipping celebrity semen is about as rare and exotic as eating an endangered species, so you can't expect it to be squeaky clean* every time! Just know that we strive to obtain the finest quality celebrity semen possible, going to great lengths to ensure that each sample is representative of the best of what our world's most famous celebrities have to offer.

* "Clean" in the ethical sense, of course. That said, we batch test for disease and contaminants and, although our celebrity semen is raw whenever possible, we do pasteurize in instances of questionable semen safety.