Thursday, March 31, 2011

Frank Gehry

Deconstructivist architect Frank Gehry may spend a lot of time wanking onto wads of paper (Or so we're told.... How do you think we got his semen sample?), but he's still one of the best-known and most-discussed starchitects* in the biz. You might love him. You might hate him. But you can only get a true taste of his raw "creative impulses" here on Celebrity Semen Tasting Notes.

Flavor: A strong paper-like flavor with notes of wood (balsa, cork) and mechanical pencil lead
Aftertaste: Galvanized steel, raw plywood
Mouthfeel: Exactly, exactly, exactly like gefilte fish
Experiential pairing: *Hating being called a "starchitect"

Architecture lovers/haters: If you haven't already, check out This Building Rocks for awesome architecture critiques, including the Gehry-Hadid Starchitect Death Match and Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health crit.

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