Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NPR's Got Taste: Planet Money

Continuing our series on the flavors found at NPR, we're sampling a blended semen* from the male members** of the Planet Money team (Adam Davidson, Alex Blumberg, David Kestenbaum, Jacob Goldstein and Jess Jiang). Fun fact -- Planet Money's cum is worth its weight in gold.

Flavor: Metallic and rich
Aftertaste: Dirty, dirty, dirty
Mouthfeel: Pulpy and satiating
Experiential pairing: Rolling around in a big ol' bed full of money

Now more than ever (except perhaps in 1983), it's important to lend a hand to NPR. Support your local NPR station or otherwise support NPR today!

* For more blended semen reviews, click the "blended" label below or see our previous blend of Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery.
** We mean no offense in excluding the women of Planet Money from our tasting! We just prefer not to mix male and female fluids, as the flavors tend to get a little muddled. If you're interested in tasting notes from famous women, check out our monthly column on the topic, "Lady Juices".

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