Friday, March 18, 2011

Lady Juices: Michelle Obama

Welcome to the first posting of our monthly column: Lady Juices. Once a month, we will devote a post to the delectable juices of female celebrities. The first lady we've selected to commence our series on lady cum is, in fact, THE first lady -- Mrs. Michelle Obama herself -- and we just can't say enough about how wonderful her lady juices taste!*

Flavor: sophisticated notes of rich loam, ripe raspberries and baby spinach
Aftertaste: fresh passionfruit
Mouthfeel: raw, unfiltered honey
Experiential pairing: graduating cum laude, dressing impeccably, keeping an organic garden

* As you might have guessed, our lady juice samples are sourced in a similar manner to our semen samples. For more information, see our sourcing policies.

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