Sunday, March 20, 2011

NPR's Got Taste: Ira Glass

National Public Radio recently came under fire from House Republicans, who passed a bill ending federal support for NPR. In honor of the intelligent, passionate and often hilarious men and women of NPR, we are are focusing this week's celebrity semen tasting notes on the many and varied tastes of NPR. We begin our series on the flavors found within this formidable media institution with a sample from none other than This American Life host Ira Glass:

Flavor: Daringly bold, bittersweet and complex, yet with a broad appeal and high level of approachability
Aftertaste: Comes in waves... echoes of flavor keep popping back up for hours and hours
Mouthfeel: Smooth and rounded
Experiential pairing: A sexual encounter in three acts. Act one...

Now more than ever (except perhaps in 1983), it's important to lend a hand to NPR. Support your local NPR station or otherwise support NPR today!

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